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Medical Retirement

If you are a Federal Civil Employee and are disabled from performing the full duties of your job for any reason, you may be entitled to disability retirement benefits, otherwise known as medical retirement.

Like other procedures facing injured Federal Civil Employees, the medical retirement process requires knowledge of the system and an experienced advocate to successfully handle your claim.

The medical retirement process is bureaucratic. It pays to retain an experienced attorney so your claim can be presented correctly from the start to avoid delay and initial denials.

The first step in filing for medical retirement is to submit an application through your Human Resources Department. Thereafter, your claim is determined by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). Should your claim be denied, you must go through reconsideration by the OPM. After reconsideration, you can appeal to the Merit Systems Protections Board for a hearing.

We have represented clients in medical retirement claims for over three decades and are always current with any and all changes in process or procedure.

My firm has the ability to present your claim in the best light, reducing your stress and increasing your chances of success.

Here is a link to the OPM Retirement website:

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