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Federal Workers' Compensation (OWCP/FECA)

Regardless of where you work, you could be injured on the job. While employees of private enterprise file claims through traditional channels, Federal Civilian Employees must pursue different avenues. If you are a Federal Civil Employee, your claim is processed through the Department of Labor's Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (OWCP). These claims are often technical and drawn out and can be delayed by heavy bureaucracy.

You need a lawyer who knows how to handle these claims because technical defects can, and do, lead to denials. While the Employees Compensation Appeals Board (ECAB) is usually willing to hear your appeal, you are better off having your claim handled correctly from the start. You can save time, energy, and avoid a frustrating denial of your claim by retaining a qualified attorney to review your situation and get your claim off to a solid start.

We have assisted Federal Civil Service Employees for over 20 years. We understand what it takes to file and, if necessary, appeal to reach a successful conclusion to your claim.

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